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    Zhejiang Needles&Stitches Clothing Co., LTD. is proud to be built upon traits of honesty and integrity, something we always return to. We are driven by quality not quantity with a focus on fashion. A love for the fabric, each piece is created with intention and purpose - classic mixed with attention to detail
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    We take great care to ensure or materials are sourced from reputable spinners with animal welfare at the heart of their supply chain. We value the beauty, strength and biodegradable properties of the natural fibers we use.
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    We only use high quality materials and made by our skilled workers, who have a deep respect for the yarn, NEEDLES & STITCHES , thus ensuring that our produce is durable and attractive.
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    We have a big team of R&D department , each season they will sourcing the new fabric ,swatches , accessories ,styles according to the fashion trend and make a selection for our customers . Which help our customers much easier and faster to make every new season's creation .As it's easier to do multiple-choice questions than answer questions .
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